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Fallow Deer - Buck At Rut



  1. Fallow Deer Rut – late September to early November The mating strategy of fallow deer is variable, depending on habitat and population density. Bucks often create rutting stands in traditional areas to which the does are attracted.
  2. Fallow Deer Fact Sheet 7 fawn is two days old. Colostrum can be stored in plastic containers in the Phase 1 Pre-rut Agitation. Fallow deer bucks establish their territories (stands), patrol boundaries (or fences), develop "scrapes", chase does and display to other bucks. The time.
  3. Fallow deer are a great deer species to observe. They come in several colours including white, are gregarious and social in habit, and during the rut concentrate in the main doe range. The dominant bucks establish rut pads, mark their scrapes with urine, thrash vegetation, mark trees and branches with scent, and begin to croak regularly while patrolling their range.
  4. During rut, it is common to find bucks limping, looking years older than their actual age, and appearing as if they won’t survive another day. Many Fallow die from fighting during rut! Fallow Hunting Reservations. We recommend making Fallow deer hunting reservations well in advance to secure availability. Please call: ()
  5. The fallow deer (Dama dama) is an ungulate which employs an unusual strategy for mating during the rut. This strategy is the creation of a lek, a display area presented to the females where the males gather and allow the females to choose a mate based upon their traits alone while reducing predation risk, disturbance to copulation, parasite transmission and the cost of looking for a mate.
  6. Late March through to late April is the Fallow Deer Rut. Now is the time to book your Fallow Buck Rut Hunt in Northern NSW. Experience our way of life in the scenic New England Ranges.
  7. The timing of the rutting activities of a fallow buck depends upon the mature does. The big fellow isn’t going to make much progress with his wooing until the doe is in the right frame of mind – until she cycles.
  8. Fallow deer rut from late September through early November with the peak of the rut being October. During the rut, fallow bucks become very aggressive and grunt (or make a croaking sound) at each other and wander around looking for receptive does and trying to gather up a harem.
  9. When not in rut, Fallow deer will group up with other members of the same sex. Sometimes these can be fairly large herds, especially if they are in areas with a large .