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Strange Feeling



  1. I have strange feelings and I can't even describe them to anyone other than saying that I get a full body strange sensation and I try to put a name to it but, I can't decide if I am anxious or upset or something -- then the feeling disappears. It lasts for about seconds but it feels so real.
  2. What Are Other Causes for Weird Feeling After I Pee? Below are the experience of others which provide more explanation for possible causes of weird feeling after peeing: “This happened to my sister. It turned out she was allergic/sensitive to the red dye in medications and Kool-Aid, and this was causing her bladder wall to become inflamed. To.
  3. Strange Feeling synonyms. Top synonyms for strange feeling (other words for strange feeling) are strangest feeling, funny feeling and weird feeling.
  4. Feb 17,  · Strange Rashes There's an obvious connection between your skin and your emotions—blushing after a compliment, for preeclichjingmeconve.dirasedotidecuzasetztergeomem.infoinfo: Amber Brenza.
  5. This feel wrong, odd, strange symptom can range in intensity from slight, to moderate, to severe. It can also come in waves, where it’s strong one moment and eases off the next. This feel wrong, odd, strange symptom can change from day to day, and/or from moment to moment.
  6. Synonyms for strange at preeclichjingmeconve.dirasedotidecuzasetztergeomem.infoinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for strange.
  7. Apr 10,  · Patients are describing a strange buzzing sensation as they recover from the coronavirus, which many are calling "fizzing.".
  8. Sep 11,  · Potassium is one nutrient that could cause strange sensations in your calves if you’re deficient. Other possible reasons for a crawling sensation in your calves include vitamin B12 deficiency or a condition known as restless leg preeclichjingmeconve.dirasedotidecuzasetztergeomem.infoinfo: Andrea Boldt.